Sami Singh

Front-End Developer, Music Producer, Coffee Lover


My name is Sami, but I also go around by the nick Alajarvela. I drink a lot of coffee, listen to vinyl records and I think that

web pages should be built mobile first and to be responsive!

I live and breathe HTML&CSS, been writing it since I was 14 years old (that's eight years ago!). I also like to think that I know something about usability and user experience, WAI-ARIA, Wireframing, App Design languages, like XAML and all.

I'm also using a lot of time with Javascript, especially with MVC frameworks like Angular, Ember and server-side JS with Node.js. Still learning though.

Currently, I'm a second year Media Engineering student from Jyväskylä, Finland. I would love to work alongside school, feel free to contact me if you have some fun projects!


Just some of them

I took part in an innovation competition called Innovate or Die. I knocked out a responsive version of the Magento shop that the client currently uses. We didn't win the competition, but the client was very pleased with the work. I also created a social media type profile page. All responsive!

Jyväskylän Insinööriopiskelijat

This was a fun one. I created a mobile-first, responsive web page for Jyväskylä's Engineering Students' association. Their previous site was a infested Wordpress install from 2008, so I got to deal with getting rid of the top 10 most common Wordpress malwares, writing a fun theme from scratch and picking a nice layout and color scheme.

Spin the Disc

Spin the Disc is a popular music blog. For them, I have done three different custom Wordpress themes, graphic design, banners, flash ads, T-shirt prints and a lot of server side optimization.

Alexander Timman

I was asked to create a personal portfolio for a poker player / actor, the site was done in less than four hours as it was a rush job. I think it went okay.





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